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Literature Search Guidelines

All team members of JPS Health Network may request an expert mediated literature search coordinated by professional library staff.

Library team members may assist with refining a research topic, search term identification, developing a search strategy, recommending information sources or databases, and execution of searches.

Completion of the online search consultation form is preferred to ensure accurate literature searches are performed.

The library will collaborate with JPS team members by supporting literature searches on the following:

  • Urgent Patient Care Support for JPS patient
  • Patient Care Support for JPS patient
  • Quality Improvement Initiatives and Projects
  • JPS SDO, Policy, Protocol or Guideline Development/Updates
  • JPS Affiliated Publications (Case report, Scoping Review, Narrative Review, etc.)
  • Grant Funding Background Research Assistance

JPS team members enrolled in an accredited college/university course, or JPS team members working on professional presentations, posters, or professional development, can request assistance/training on how to search databases/resources by contacting

Please allow the library a turn-around time of at least 7-10 business days for search requests. Delivery times will vary depending on the search queue and scope of searches. Please note there is high demand for this service and a limited number of staff.

Patient care requests are given priority in the literature search queue. For direct patient care requests we do our best to meet a 24-hour turn-around time during regular business hours (Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm).

Patient care related searches will receive full text documentation to assist with evidence-based support. All other searches will include an annotated list of citations along with instructions for accessing full text copies as needed.


Results of database and/or internet searches are subject to the limitations of the databases and websites searched. Results are limited by the details you provide in your search request. It is the responsibility of the requester to determine the accuracy, validity, and the interpretation of search results. By submitting a search request, you are acknowledging that you have read this disclaimer and understand the limitations of database/internet searching.